... some covers of editions from Bulgaria, East Germany, Russia, and Czechoslovakia..

The following Dilov works are books published in Bulgarian. For a more complete list (in Bulgarian) including short stories, magazine articles, reissues and translations into European languages, check here.

Children's Stories

The Well of Goblins (1963)

Happy and Sad (1975)


The Atomic Man (1958)

I Remember This Spring (1964)

The Many Names of Fear (1967)

The Weight of the Spacesuit (1969)

The Path of Icarus (1974)

The Mirror Paradox (1976)

The Starry Adventures of Numi & Niki (1980)

The Missed Chance: From the Works of my Computer (1981)

Unfinished Novel of a Student (1982)

To the Paradise Planet and Back. The Continued Adventures of Numi & Niki (1983)

The Cruel Experiment (1985)

The Lilith Bible (1999)

Bigfoot or The Big Step (1999)

Maxwell's Demon (2001)

Choose Yourself (2002)

Short story collections

The Path of Fidelity (1967)

Feed the Eagle (1977)

A Sketch of Yourself (1977)

Double Star (1979)

Lagrange Point (1983)

We and the Others (1990)

Forward, Humanity! (2016)

Period Pieces (2022)


Pidgeons Over Berlin (1952)

Impressions from a Planet: Notes of a Science-Fiction Writer (1990)

Sex Life Under Totalitariansim (1993)

For the Dead, Either Good or Funny (1997)