Dilov in Enlish is an Andy Erbschloe production. Andy is a native English-speaker living in Bulgaria. Primarily occupied as a homemaker, Andy pursues a variety of interests including sociolinguistics, labor socialism, comparative religion, mushroom picking, and sequential art. He prefers to earn knowledge in lump gold rather than any debased cultural coinage, with its idolatrous stamping and unfaithful measure.

Actively translating Bulgarian texts from the public domain since 2019, Andy is presently advocating for what he considers his greatest discovery: the science-fiction works of Lyuben Dilov, virtually unknown in English. Two Dilov novels, The Missed Chance (1981) and Unfinished Novel of a Student (1982), are soon to be available in English.

Pastor Margarita Todorova is the co-translator of Unfinished Novel of a Student (1982), including co-authoring its copious footnotes, and makes ongoing contributions to Dilov in English. A fourth generation Bulgarian Methodist, Pastor Todorova became the first female church leader in Bulgaria in 1998.

Proudly born and raised in Russe, the pastor graduated the English Language School in Russe and then the Technical University of Russe. From 1991-97 she studied theology in Cambridge, receiving MAs from both Cambridge University and Anglia Polytechnic. She is a member of the World Methodist Council and the European Methodist Council, and has led women's activities in the Bulgarian Methodist Church since 2000. Between 2011-16 she served as Area President for Europe Continental of the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women.

Previously the Methodist pastor in Shumen, Pastor Todorova has served the Sevlievo UMC since 2007.

The works of Lyuben Dilov found on this website have been translated to English by Andy Erbschloe, Pastor Margarita Todorova, Martin Angelov, and Teodora Mladenova.