... excerpts from the two Dilov novels that are debuting in English in 2022, plus translated short stories, memoirs, and speeches from the preeminent voice of Bulgarian speculative fiction.

Translations appearring on this site are produced by the Dilov in English crew.

the novels

The first two Dilov novels to appear in English will be available in paperback soon,

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other translated works

"And There Were Murders" (1997)

from the memoir For the Dead, Either Good or Funny

"Even if They Leave" (1977)

from the collection Double Star

Lyuben Dilov's speech from the Presentation of the first Graviton Awards, 1990

"Women" (1967)

from the collection The Way of Fidelity

"How to Write a Science-Fiction Story" (1989)

from the collection Us and the Others

written about Lyuben Dilov

coming soon

Loads of stuff!!!

Dilov in English is an ongoing project with plans to translate as much of Lyuben Dilov's cybernetic-Aesopean, humanist science-fiction-clad philosophy as possible. Additional materials can be found at the Dilov in English youtube channel (read by Andy Erbschloe).

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